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About Us


Innovation is EVERYTHING, and Inventoy makes toys that look good and play good. We use our passion, talent and experience to deliver fun, new immersive play experiences that last a long time. 

Professional Experience and Knowledge

Chief Designer Eric Ostendorff is a Mechanical Engineer with 35 years of professional toy design experience. He specialized in Hot Wheels track design for 30 years at Mattel. With a knack for clever mechanisms & electronics and a passion for robotics, he has a proven ability to deliver exciting products on time, on cost, and on target!

Our Services

Inventoy provides a variety of design & prototyping services to deliver functioning models. Concept, ideation, design, mechanicals, electronics, sound design, and programming. Choose any or all services, we are here to help you.

Thirty Years at Mattel

A Fortune magazine snippet about Eric's "wacky" Mattel career, creating new stunts and  track sets for Hot Wheels cars.

Robotics Author

Eric has written numerous robotics articles, published in ROBOT and SERVO magazines. Throughout 2017 he was "Mr. Roboto", writing a monthly Q&A column for SERVO magazine.

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Located 20 miles from Los Angeles in Torrance CA.

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